[S-UK] Electric Warrior (Server Owner/Admin/Mod) Mick   STEAM_0:0:60354
[S-UK] Photomanic (2nd In Command) Tim   STEAM_0:0:420878
[S-UK] Grandma  (Admin) Dorrie   STEAM_0:0:4389541
[S-UK] MajDamaj  (Admin) John   STEAM_0:1:7131916
[S-UK] Squidwards Testicles (Admin) Nick   STEAM_0:1:5045639
[S-UK] Spintronics   (Admin) Ken   STEAM_0:1:5053551
[S-UK] Tonester    (Match Manager) Tony   STEAM_0:0:9879058
[S-UK] JingleyOne  (Admin) Bob   STEAM_0:0:14300680
[S-UK] Nick   (Admin/Forum Moderator) Nick   STEAM_0:0:6029961
[S-UK] Keefy   (Admin) Keith   STEAM_0:0:489215
[S-UK] Alchemist   (Admin/Recruitment Officer) Frans   STEAM_0:1:29643999
[S-UK] Suzi Bandit  (Admin) Suzanne   STEAM_0:1:12024646
[S-UK] StarZ  (Admin) Andrea   STEAM_0:1:11497706
[S-UK] Jim_Bullet  (Admin) Jim   STEAM_0:1:7228421
[S-UK] Weatherman Underground (Admin) Keith   STEAM_0:0:341875
[S-UK] Haplo (Admin) Marco   STEAM_0:1:13992665
[S-UK] Muz (Admin) Murray   STEAM_0:1:4878402
[S-UK] (Admin) Gonšalo   STEAM_0:1:8368228

Please do not ask to be an admin.  All requests will be refused on the basis
that those who ask usually want the position for the wrong reasons.
All of our admins are long term members of The Sanctuary UK and have
proved their integrity and sense of fair play.


[S-UK] Captain Hornet David   STEAM_0:0:181145
[S-UK] mikanoid Mik   STEAM_0:0:784394
[S-UK] Major Pain Ian   STEAM_0:1:721614
[S-UK] dilbert halflife Huw   STEAM_0:0:5344902
[S-UK] Minor-Ache Luke   STEAM_0:0:3910750
[S-UK] Eternal~Inertia Danny   STEAM_0:1:8641497
[S-UK] BigMikeyDread Mike   STEAM_0:1:5807352
[S-UK] High Voltage Joe   STEAM_0:1:5346810
[S-UK] Bounty Hunter Matt   STEAM_0:1:7180108
[S-UK] Cedric Cedric   STEAM_0:0:3864187
[S-UK] STONED.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Chris   STEAM_0:1:7098994
[S-UK] RON Ron   STEAM_0:1:7240892
[S-UK] pesty Phil   STEAM_0:0:537532
[S-UK] sutty1 Keith   STEAM_0:0:5205042
[S-UK] Ocean View Jon   STEAM_0:1:6218987
[S-UK] Dreadvole Andy   STEAM_0:0:6990327
[S-UK] General Disarray Alistair   STEAM_0:1:7022743
[S-UK] Hashishini Richard   STEAM_0:1:7697123
[S-UK] rumble Agi   STEAM_0:0:7199364
[S-UK] wellibob Rick   STEAM_0:0:5042672
[S-UK] hawkmoon Eric   STEAM_0:0:6005267
[S-UK] Goo Mark   STEAM_0:0:2546436
[S-UK] rb14 Roger   STEAM_0:1:5044310
[S-UK] CymroGwyllt Llion   STEAM_0:1:6362368
[S-UK] Puhnkss Patrick   STEAM_0:0:6702660
[S-UK] jeeves Peter   STEAM_0:0:7953539
[S-UK] T@ken Guy   STEAM_0:1:5059956
[S-UK] BiggusDickus Richard   STEAM_0:1:5257254
[S-UK] Tull Geoff   STEAM_0:0:7001615
[S-UK] lilith Lesley   STEAM_0:0:11225141
[S-UK] oMiNoUs Dan   STEAM_0:1:6579672
[S-UK] oi you [UK] Mark   STEAM_0:0:6970395
[S-UK] Party Crasher Gaz   STEAM_0:1:5100780
[S-UK] Let Rip Marcus   STEAM_0:1:5351069
[S-UK] Donaldo Donald   STEAM_0:0:10046934
[S-UK] dog David   STEAM_0:1:8237200
[S-UK] BigLee Lee   STEAM_0:1:6954762
[S-UK] Prospero Tom   STEAM_0:1:5384657
[S-UK] Lonewolf Adam   STEAM_0:1:10633441
[S-UK] Steinbeck Mark   STEAM_0:1:8165375
[S-UK] mcenfish Andi   STEAM_0:0:12597030
[S-UK] Woodsyman Andrew   STEAM_0:0:5748063
[S-UK] ADB Andrew   STEAM_0:1:5044868
[S-UK] StaLLion Phil   STEAM_0:0:5542865
[S-UK] Boxsplits Richard   STEAM_0:1:12399283
[S-UK] Darklord Craig   STEAM_0:0:5616077
[S-UK] Finzy Atte   STEAM_0:0:8490406
[S-UK] Gashead Tony   STEAM_0:1:7124852
[S-UK] Spadger Colin   STEAM_0:0:14497152
[S-UK] mnipre$ent Sue   STEAM_0:0:6529063
[S-UK] neo draco Chris   STEAM_0:1:13779193
[S-UK] Nemesis Jody   STEAM_0:0:19822888
[S-UK] Jimbo Jim   STEAM_0:1:3914414
[S-UK] <>JOCK<> Andrew   STEAM_0:1:9360971
[S-UK] Phlock Phil   STEAM_0:1:5500992
[S-UK] Alex_The_Frenchy Alex   STEAM_0:0:11194936
[S-UK] Wolf Dan   STEAM_0:0:12787867
[S-UK] daddyb Brian   STEAM_0:1:3052644
[S-UK] Bri Danger Brian   STEAM_0:0:7900400
[S-UK] Armed_and_Dangerous Dave   STEAM_0:0:8267543
[S-UK] Sgt.Annihilator Ben   STEAM_0:1:1734375
[S-UK] >>>SteG<<< Ste   STEAM_0:0:9568449
[S-UK] Scouse Rocker Tony   STEAM_0:1:9250119
[S-UK] Captain Obvious Arnout   STEAM_0:0:13039363
[S-UK] DippleCrick 2.0 Tim   STEAM_0:1:8292379
[S-UK] Mr Useless Dave   STEAM_0:0:16083070
[S-UK] gadget Steve   STEAM_0:1:5613196
[S-UK] NPLM Lee   STEAM_0:0:14627058
[S-UK] Dream! Joonas   STEAM_0:0:17460663
[S-UK] Bamboo Stephen   STEAM_0:0:3606808
[S-UK] BigBoots Terry   STEAM_0:1:10607125
[S-UK] GTRedx69 Gaz   STEAM_0:0:1943838
[S-UK] Grabz | Sverror Sverrir   STEAM_0:0:15724652
[S-UK] seti.mayo David   STEAM_0:0:5579727
[S-UK] Al Urdunn Andi   STEAM_0:0:11020517
[S-UK] Taxythingy Chris   STEAM_0:1:13667862
[S-UK] Skinead_Bufty Charlie   STEAM_0:0:11272458
[S-UK] blackair Angel   STEAM_0:1:9406289
[S-UK] Barney Jason   STEAM_0:0:6391860
[S-UK] Avid Calder   STEAM_0:1:17010111
[S-UK] D4rkr34per James   STEAM_0:0:18953714
[S-UK] Freddie Dean   STEAM_0:0:18827389
[S-UK] itstimmeh Tim   STEAM_0:0:5792193
[S-UK] Foley Alex   STEAM_0:1:14519481
[S-UK] GetYall George   STEAM_0:0:8911288
[S-UK] Kelben B. Claus   STEAM_0:1:27110510
[S-UK] Scaramanga Carsten   STEAM_0:0:3845587
[S-UK] Sarakis Thorsten   STEAM_0:0:5899238
[S-UK] Oev Yves   STEAM_0:0:17434934
[S-UK] hooligan | uk Neil   STEAM_0:0:2792349
[S-UK] Killer Karen Karen   STEAM_0:1:34137859
[S-UK] pOwah Chris   STEAM_0:1:15326301
[S-UK] Bubbles Devere Denis   STEAM_0:0:39785839
[S-UK] Hawk Damien   STEAM_0:0:6117102
[S-UK] Earthdeath Michael   STEAM_0:0:25218368
[S-UK] Zebulon Zeb Karsten   STEAM_0:1:13298104
[S-UK] Scrowubit Colm   STEAM_0:1:3910985
[S-UK] XxZeroAliasxX Liam   STEAM_0:0:17994399
[S-UK] Takendown [GYRAV] Ishmael   STEAM_0:0:25490518
[S-UK] Colonel Mork Ivor   STEAM_0:1:11416004
[S-UK] Snakebite Rob   STEAM_0:0:44298563
[S-UK] Rich Richard   STEAM_0:0:19268810
[S-UK] Assassin Lucia   STEAM_0:0:26413959
[S-UK] vwguy Mark   STEAM_0:0:5316579
[S-UK] Cpt. Cabinet Sean   STEAM_0:1:111546922
[S-UK] Banditoz Hayden   STEAM_0:1:58121051


All members are reminded that by bearing the tag of [S-UK], they are ambassadors for our clan when playing on other servers, and as such are expected to be courteous and abide by the rules of those servers, and to preserve the good name of our clan.   Once you become a member please do not change your name every few games, as it causes confusion.  If you need to make a more permanent change, please email the admin.  Please show your loyalty to our clan by playing on our own servers regularly.



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