The Purple Frizbeez

The Purple Frizbeez are a seven piece Funk/Reggae band. Although this is not a solid description of their musical style, in fact they are very difficult to pigeonhole into any particular musical genre.

They originate from Hailsham and Heathfield in East Sussex. The band first started in 1988, when three of the original members played a gig at an art college in Farnham, Surrey. At the time they didn't have any real ambition to become an active gigging band, and were quite content playing music for the sake of it, and generally having fun. As time went on, they acquired a bass guitarist and a percussionist.

The band soon realised that they had the potential for performing in front of a crowd. Consequently they started playing gigs in and around the Eastbourne area, which seemed to get a good response from the local gig going public. After about eight months they were joined by a conga/percussionist. A month later the band decided to have a rethink on the rhythm section, as there were now three musicians in this section. The line up then went as follows:

Lead Guitar and Vocals, Keyboard and Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion and Congas, Drums and Percussion.

The band played with this line up for another seven months until, whilst playing a gig on the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry, they decided to take a break for while. A year later the band all met in a local pub and decided that the time was right to get together again and play some local gigs. Unfortunately the band had now lost the bass guitarist, as he had to move up north, and subsequently managed to find a very successful replacement, who had known most of the band for some time. Another new member in the form of a rhythm guitarist joined at this time completing the final line up of:

Mike Murphy - Lead Guitar & Vocals, Chris Murphy - Keyboards & Vocals, Andy Gillies - Rhythm Guitar, Norman Walker - Bass Guitar, Andy Stokes - Drums & Vocals, Phil Gozna  & Harvey Malthouse - Congas & Percussion.

Since reforming, and writing a new set, the band managed to keep themselves busy playing gigs around East Sussex, and gaining a considerable following.

The band recorded an album on to DAT tape, which has now been mastered to an eleven track cassette tape, and just recently it has been remastered and cut on CD. If you would like a copy on either cassette or CD, please email Mick for further details.

The Purple Frizbeez sadly disbanded in early 1993, but not before bringing a lot of fun into many peoples lives in and around East Sussex. Mike went off to do his own thing musically, and has produced some really wicked tunes since. (Check out some of his reggae tracks from the CD, The Last Songs On Earth). Chris joined a very successful band called The Dharmas who succeeded in getting themselves a record deal, and releasing a collection of CD singles, although Chris has now left The Dharmas, he briefly joined their incarnation, called Steadman for an extended tour of the USA and has also kept busy making his own brand of funky music and painting some of the beautiful scenery around Sussex. Andy Gillies joined a local band for a couple of years called These Hankered Crazy Lemmings, and has since married, and settled down to a hectic family life. Norman went off to music school to study more about his bass playing. Andy Stokes went to play percussion in a duo with his brother, and now makes puppets for a workshop in Eastbourne. Phil guest played in another local band for a short while, ("More Mushrooms Vicar") and was last heard of working in Psychiatric Nursing in the Eastbourne area, and Harvey is now a woodsman, living in an idyllic setting in the Hadlow Down area.

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