Date Of Build 27th March 2005

This map is a fantasy scenario based in a Mayan Temple environment, and while a lot of the custom textures are taken from genuine Mayan artifacts, it does not keep strictly to that historical genre, and has deliberately steered away from the usual industrial/city laid waste themes of the majority of HL2DM maps.

It is aimed at players with higher specification PCs and in some parts may be very demanding of that hardware. We made this map originally as a fun map with just the members of our own clan in mind, but realised that it will probably get out into the wider community and thus the reason for this explanation.

There are a variety of combat areas with large outdoor open plains with cover afforded behind randomly placed rocks, with sniping positions from either the the top of the pyramid or from the outer buildings.

There are two main entrances/exits to the pyramid besides through portals, which are, via the bottom of the outer stairs by activating a switch, or from the back of the pyramid via the sliding gold doors.

Inside the main pyramid there is a large entranceway/hall at the front leading to two different combat zones, one with a huge gyroscope that has combine balls contained within to grab with the gravgun. There is another smaller rain-god chamber leading off from this room containing more weapons and portals to other parts of the map.

The main hallway, will, in the other direction, lead to the kings chamber with his sarcophagus, weapons, portals and another spectaculor outlook on the whole scene. Another alternative is to take the stairway up into the heart of the pyramid where there are various secret chambers to be discovered containing weapons/ammunition and other ways to reach the extremes of the map.

There should be something here for everyone, with large open areas to small confined fighting spots, and enough seemingly secure bolt holes for the snipers out there.

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