Please do not ask to be an admin.  All requests will be refused on the basis
that those who ask usually want the position for the wrong reasons.
All of our admins are long term members of The Sanctuary UK and have
proved their integrity and sense of fair play.

[S-UK] Electric Warrior (Server Owner/Admin/Mod) Mick   1
[S-UK] Photomanic  (2nd In Command) Tim   2
[S-UK] Grandma  (Magic Sponge) Dorrie   3
[S-UK] MajaDamaj    (Entente Cordial) John   4
[S-UK] Squidwards Testicles  (Head Chef) Nick   5
[S-UK] Spintronics   (Headshot) Ken   6
[S-UK] Tonester   (Match Manager) Tony   7
[S-UK] JingleyOne   (Go loco, yes he can) Bob   8
[S-UK] Nick   (Forum Moderator) Nick   9
[S-UK] Keefy   (Technical Tactician) Keith   10
[S-UK] Alchemist   (Recruitment Officer) Frans   11
[S-UK] Suzi Bandit (European Admin) Suzanne   12
[S-UK] StarZ   (Technical Help) Andrea   13
[S-UK] Jim_Bullet   (Enforcer) Jim   14
[S-UK] Weatherman Underground   (US Admin) Keith   15
[S-UK] Haplo   (European Admin) Marco   16
[S-UK] Muz   (Scottish Admin) Murray   17
[S-UK]   (Portuguese Admin) Gonçalo   18